What do you do when your country is falling apart? When reality turns into an Orwellian nightmare of war and political gibberish? As artists,we realize that it’s our responsibility to speak our minds and help bring positive change to our reality. To that effect, we were overwhelmed with excitement when asked by SS&K and the Barack Obama Campaign to help out with their new campaign promoting www.voteforchange.com

For this campaign, Thunderdog founder, Tristan Eaton created a series of posters highlighting the importance of voting. The posters illustrate the testimonials of real voters and why it’s so important to vote this year. In addition, Thunderdog was able to curate a few of our peers into the campaign, including Tes One, Filth & Demo. Look for their posters in the campaigns to come!

This is the largest voter registration campaign in history, and since it’s launch it has already registered over 300,000 people!

This election is so important, so if you haven’t registered yet…DO IT! It’s super easy.

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