Last weekend, the Thunderdog team fully customized a Mini Cooper with an all reflective, vinyl sticker kit. What does that mean you ask? It means that it literally glows in the dark! We were asked by Matt Farah of the New York Motor Club to customize the Mini for his on line auto show, GARAGE 419 and we couldn’t pass up the opportunity. So we went down to D.U.M.B.O. and used the facilities of Scott Chesters’ ACID STUDIOS to get the job done. The result, was an all day circus of Chevy Impalas, breast implants, dreadlock moguls and some serious hard work.

This project was inspired by the BMW Art Car project between 1975 & 1999, where artists such as Andy Warhol, Roy Lichtenstein and Robert Rauschenberg (R.I.P.) made one of a kind works of art from BMWs’ finest automobiles. Check the BMW art cars here

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